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Wear-resistant rubber lining for metal surfaces

Designed for lining by cold vulcanization of the metal surfaces of tanks, floatation chambers, scrubbers, hydrocyclones, slurry gutters, loader buckets of clay adhering rocks, transport and other equipment in order to protect it from hydroabrasive wear, adhesion of processed or transported materials and corrosion.

Our plates consist of main and contact (for bonding to surface) layers.

Technical parameters:

Width — 1000 mm, 1200 mm.
Thickness — 6,0 ±0,8 mm; 8,0 ± 1,0 mm; 10 ± 1,0 mm (thickness of contact layer — min 1,5 mm).
Length — max 14000 mm.
Operating temperature from -10 to +60°C.

* Product characteristics are for informational purposes only, when ordering, please check with the managers of our company.