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Antistatic conveyor belt

Area of application:

Designed for transportation of bulk, lump and packaged materials on industrial facilities, working in fire- and explosive-hazardous productions in order to dissipate static electricity charges.

Applied elastomer: Э

2Э – for transportation of materials in fire-safety operating conditions
РЭ – for transportation in fire- and explosive-hazardous productions

Edge type: РБ – molded edge; НБ – cut edge.

* Product characteristics are for informational purposes only, when ordering, please check with the managers of our company.

Belt type Fabric lining type Number of linings Rupture strength as per N/mm Edge type
ТК-200-2, ТЛК-200-МА 4 800 РБ,НБ
ЕР-200 5 1000 РБ
ЕР-200 6 1200 РБ
ТЛК-250-МА, ЕР-250 4 1000 РБ
ТЛК-250-МА, ЕР-250 5 1250 РБ
ТЛК-250-МА, ЕР-250 6 1500 РБ
ТК-300-2 3 900 РБ
ТК-300-2 4 1200 РБ
ТК-300-2 5 1500 РБ
ТК-300-2 6 1800 РБ
ТЛК-315, ЕР-315 3 900 РБ
ТЛК-315, ЕР-315 4 1200 РБ
ТЛК-315, ЕР-315 5 1500 РБ
ТЛК-315, ЕР-315 6 1800 РБ
БКНЛ-65-2 3 165 РБ
БКНЛ-65-2 4 220 РБ
БКНЛ-65-2 5 275 РБ, НБ
БКНЛ-65-2 6 330 РБ, НБ
БКНЛ-65-2 7 385 РБ, НБ
БКНЛ-65-2 8 440 РБ, НБ

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