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Rubber ST cold-resistant conveyor belt

Area of application:

Designed for operating conditions, requiring application of enhanced strength conveyor belts. Rubber steel cord belts are based on the steel reinforcing cords of different length, providing high tensile strength. To be operated at the ambient temperature from -60°C to +60°C.

Applied elastomer: M

*Product characteristics are for informational purposes only, when ordering, please check with the managers of our company.

Belt type Cord diameter, mm Rupture strength as per N/mm Estimated belt weight, kg/m2 Belt thickness, mm Length, m
РТЛТВ-1000 4,2 1000 24 18,0+1,0/-2,0 120-300
РТЛМ-1500 4,2 1500 25,8 18,0+1,0/-2,0 120-300
РТЛМ-1500-6 6 1500 29,9 20,0±2,0 120-280
РТЛМ-2500 7,5 2500 34,3 20,5+1,5/-2,0 120-280
РТЛМ-3150 8,25 3150 38,8 22,5±2,0 120-280
РТЛМ-4000 9,3 4000 47,5 29,0±2,0 согласование
РТЛМ-5000 10,6 5000 54,7 30±2,0 согласование

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