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In 2013, the largest rubber holding RubEx Group was formed in Russia. RubEx Group is the leader in the development, production and supply of highly specialized rubber products for industrial business sectors in Russia. The group includes two production sites - OJSC Kurskrezinotekhnika and OJSC Saransky Zavod Rezinotekhnika, as well as numerous sales offices throughout Russia and the headquarters in Moscow. The history of our enterprises is more than 60 years of work, during which a complete technological chain of production was created, starting from the manufacture of rubber compounds and ending with the output of final products for all industries and agriculture.
Our production


In January 1946, the building of Kursk rubber-technical products plant with total area of 30 hectares started. In September 1948 the 1st product V-belt was released. In 1949 the plant started to produce rubber mats, domestic lanes and car foot pads.
In 1950, the plant became the major project of Ministry of Chemical Industry. In 1951 the facility of rolls covering and chemical equipment rubberizing was put into operation. During the period of 1950-1955 the plant increased its production volumes 3 times, labor productivity increased by more than 100%. We have mastered completely new technologies for the rubber industry in the production of conveyor belts and fan belts. During this period, the company opened a bureau of innovation and invention.
During this period the conveyor belts production capacities were increased: modernization and launch of new vulcanizing equipment. In 1975, a state commission certified the quality of enhanced strength steel cord and abrasion-resistant conveyor belts of the highest category. A workshop for synthetic fabrics impregnation was opened.
The number of employees of the plant exceeded 10 000 people. Annual growth of production capacity is over 10%. The area of the enterprise increased to 120 hectares. Start-up of the 2nd stage of the complex for the production of rubber-metal seals.
Modernization of lines of plain-parallel assembly of conveyor belts carcasses. Launched the new line for hydraulic hoses with metal braiding production.
Put into operation the line for hydraulic hoses with metal spiral. Arranged the production of hydraulic hoses with end fittings.
In 1960, on a part of the former territory of the Kuibyshev state farm, a meeting was held to lay the first stone of the plant to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Mordovian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. In 1965, the workshops produced the first products.
In workshop No.4, the technology of cold-resistant V-belts manufacturing was developed. Shop No.8 began to produce hoses with metal braids. In workshop No.3, lines of continuous vulcanization of moulded products in molten salts were introduced, and the production of rubber carpets for buses began. In 1975, in workshop No.5, cassette molds and rechargers were introduced into the moulded production. In 1976, the Saransk rubber plant was renamed into Saransky Zavod Rezinotekhnika.
The plant is constantly being updated, new products are being released, advanced technologies are being introduced, machinery is being replaced with more modern, high-performance one.
OJSC Saransky Zavod Rezinotekhnika became of the leading enterpises in industry, supplying such automotive giants as GAS, IZHMASH, UAZ, PAZ. The whole set of improvements was developed and implemented, allowing a huge leap forward. For example, non-facing production of V-belts had no analogues in the world.
Increase of produciton capacities of the key product - industrial hoses.
2010 - 2015
In 2013, the managing company RubEx Group was established to manage both assets. Intensive technical modernization of assets was carried out: at OJSC Saransky Zavod Rezinotekhnika, the largest investment project in the history of the enterprise was implemented "Technical re-equipment of production of discharge hoses"; at OJSC Kurskrezinotekhnika, a new calendering line was purchased for the production of high-quality conveyor belts (manufactured by Uth GmbH (Germany) by a special order of OJSC Kurskrezinotekhnika), a new line for assembling carcasses of high-strength conveyor belts was introduced.
Implementation of investment programs in the field of energy efficiency improvement - construction of two steam generation shops. New German strainer rubber production lines were launched at both assets. Adding impulse stands for testing high pressure hoses for cyclic strength. In 2016, on the basis of OJSC Kurskrezinotekhnika, the new textile production was opened and the site for impregnation and heat treatment of technical fabrics was created. In 2018, the launch of the widest press in Russia for the vulcanization of rubber fabric and rubber steel cord conveyor belts by Saspol. In 2019 opening of the facility for the production of slurry hoses took place.
The "Long-term Development Strategy of the Holding" and "Investment Program" have been developed, providing for a significant increase in the capacity for the production of key products and the establishment of the Holding as the leader of the EAEU rubber industry by 2030.

RubEx Group team

Vladimir Gordeev
Chairman of the Board OJSC Kurskrezinotekhnika and OJSC Saransky Zavod Rezinotekhnika
Torshenko Dmitriy
IT Director RubEx Group
Shtang Oleg
Director of Leagal Affairs RubEx Group
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