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Unique developments of RubEx Group rubber compounds


The rubber compound is a multicomponent elastomeric homogeneous system that includes rubbers, vulcanizing agents and other components designed to obtain rubber products with the required performance characteristics.

Rubex Group is the undisputed leader in the development of unique and general industrial formulations of rubber compounds to create rubber goods with the required properties.

Moreover, our specialists have vast experience in creating combined mixtures that combine several combined properties (for example, oil-heat-cold-acid-alkali-resistant, etc.)

Our own developments are fire-resistant, hardly combustible and heat-resistant mixtures for the manufacture of rubber goods, working in the most important areas of the mining and metallurgical complex. Also, we were the first in Russia to develop the most complex mixtures based on fluoroelastomers and hydrogenated rubbers to create rubber goods with high oil, frost, petrol resistance, etc.

Today there are more than 5 000 recipes of various rubber compounds in the production portfolio of Rubex Group.