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Heat- cold- acid- and alkali-resistant rubber plate

Rubex Group produces high-quality rubber technical plates, intended for production of gaskets and seals operating in air environment at temperature from -30 to +60 °C.

They are intended for rubber product manufacture serving for consolidation of fixed connections, prevention of friction between metal surfaces, for perception of single impact loads, and also as gaskets, floorings and other incompressible products.
1st and 2nd classes are produced;
types: Ф -molded sheetings, Н- non-moulded sheetings;
types – I –rubber sheet, II – rubber-textile plate, with one or several fabric layers.
The quantity of fabric layers is determined by agreement with the manufacturer taking into account that on each 2 mm of a liner there should be not more than one fabric layer.

Operational environment:
The air spaces, containers of vessels, inert gases at a pressure of from 0.05 to 0.4 MPa or fresh water, sea water, industrial water, waste without organic solvents and lubricants, salt solutions with concentration up to the saturated acids, alkalis concentration of not more than 20% at a temperature from -45 °C to +80 °C.

type / classthickness, ммwidth, ммlength, мм
Формовая резиновая (тип 1) / Класс 1 [пластины]10/14/2010001000
Формовая резиновая (тип I) / Класс 2 [пластины]8/12/16/20/4010001000
Неформовая резиновая (тип I) / Класс 1 [пластины]от 30 до 50от 300 до 1200от 500 до 800
Неформовая резиновая (тип 1) / Класс 1 [рулоны]от 1 до 3от 300 до 1201от 1800 до 9500
Неформовая резинотканевая (тип II) / Класс 2от 3 до 7от 500 до 1200от 500 до 7500