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Within the frames of the projects for product portfolio diversification, at the produciton site OJSC Saransky Zavod Rezinotekhnika the launch of new production line took place. The company implemented the investment project for start of discharge-suction PVC hoses production.

The new production line with capacity of 350 000 meters per year is equipped with high-tech harware, with the application of energy-saving technologies and efficient control system, providing high precision of technological chain perfomance on all production stages. The line allows manufacturing of hoses with diameters from 25 to 127 mm, and pressure from 2,5 to 7 bar.

PVC pressure-suction hoses are a modern effective tool for creating ergonomic and functional piping systems used to transport various substances.

Composite hoses have the ability to transport any gases, powder materials, liquids from food to corrosive.

Unlike rubber hoses, where almost every class of product requires a separate hose, the same composite hose is resistant to a wide range of substances.

Composite hoses have a number of undeniable advantages over similar rubber products and metal hoses:

  • durability – the service life of the composite hose is up to 3 times higher than the rubber one;
    high degree of resistance to abrasion and environmental influences (including UV and ozone)
    unique flexibility even at low temperatures (bending radius is up to 2 times smaller than that of similar rubber hoses)
    less weight with similar characteristics (up to 2 times less) standard lengths of coils up to 3 times more than similar rubber hoses are chemically inactive (do not interact with the pumped media)

You can find out more about our new sleeves on our website or by clicking on the link.