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New construction hydraulic hoses production


The serial productio on new construction hydraulic hoses.

  • Working pressure higher than European analogues
  • Cyclic strength reaches 1 million cycles
  • Hydraulic hoses have 4x safety margin

In accordance with the adopted development strategy of the Rubex Group holding, in relation to the assets of OJSC Kurskrezinotekhnika and OJSC Saransk plant Rezinotekhnika, research and development work is being carried out to develop new standard sizes of high-pressure hoses.

The Marketing Directorate of the RG management company has identified promising areas for the development of high pressure hoses of various diameters and pressures.

Based on this, at OJSC Kurskrezinotekhnika, the design and development of the production of high-pressure hoses of a braid structure of a new type – 2SNK 12 P345BAR was carried out. The products have successfully passed the entire cycle of tests in the testing center of JSC “Kurskrezinotekhnika” and confirmed their compliance with the specified parameters that meet international requirements.
High pressure hose 2SNK 12 P345BAR, according to some technical characteristics, has indicators higher than European standards EN 853.857:

4x safety factor at 345 bar operating pressure (according to EN standard, achieved at 275 bar operating pressure)
tightness values ​​2P at an operating pressure of 345 bar (this figure according to EN is achieved at an operating pressure of 275 bar)
cyclic strength – up to 1 million cycles (according to EN standard – 200 thousand cycles)
bending radius – 90 mm (according to EN 853 – 130 mm)

Serial production of 2SNK 12 P345BAR high pressure hoses is scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2014.

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