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Light conveyor belt: KRT vs. KNR


Specialists of OJSC “Kurskrezinotekhnika” on the basis of a certified laboratory have carried out an examination of a light conveyor belt of one of the Chinese manufacturers.

Once again, the attention of Russian consumers was attracted by the quality of products from China. Today, on the market of rubber products, you can find almost any range of Chinese products – industrial hoses, technical plates, conveyor belts, and so on. It is no secret that rubber goods from this country are distinguished by a lower price, but the quality, often, does not correspond to the declared indicators.

So, recently the number of claims and complaints about Chinese light conveyor belts (class A, B, L) has increased. Our specialists, being recognized experts in the production of rubber goods, decided to reveal the real quality of Chinese products.

On the basis of the certified laboratory of JSC “Kurskrezinotekhnika”, we carried out an examination of a light conveyor belt of one of the Chinese manufacturers and compared it with the indicators of a similar belt produced by Kurskrezinotekhnika.

Research has shown:

1) China-made tape is made with serious deviations from technological processes

2) the design is simplified in terms of geometric parameters relative to those declared by the manufacturer

3) the rubber compound contains a large amount of reclaimed and cheap fillers.

All of the above can significantly reduce the cost of the product, but significantly degrade its performance.

The results of the examination are presented in the table:

Parameter name China OJSC KRT Deviation
Warp tensile strength, N/mm (indicated — 600 N/nn) 406,6 600,0 China does not match, 32% lower
Nominal ply strength

-on the warp, N / mm, the norm is not less than 200

-on weft, N / mm, the norm is not less than 65

China does not match,

lower limit of norm

Elongation along the base at 10% load of the nominal strength of the sample,%, the norm is not more than 2.5 1,8 1,5 KRT is lower (better) by 17%
The bond strength between the working, non-working plates and the frame, N / mm, the norm is not less than 4.5 between the gaskets, the norm is not less than 4.0 7,4/4,7




China – the lower thresholds, below KRT by 20.43 and 48%, respectively
Weight, kg/m2 9,9 8,5 The weight of the Chinese belt is 16% higher
Loss of volume during abrasion, mm3 GOST 23509, norm not more than 100 131 85 China does not match, 35% lower

Studies have shown that cheaper Chinese products in many respects do not meet not only the characteristics declared by the manufacturer, but also the requirements of Russian standards. This inevitably leads to rapid wear of the conveyor belt, emergency downtime of conveyors and a decrease in energy efficiency due to the increased load on the conveyor (higher belt weight). As a result, the consumer is forced to bear financial and temporary losses..

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