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Innovative conveyor beltwith increased heat-resistance up to 400°С


Taking into account the wishes of the largest metallurgical enterprises in Russia to improve the operational characteristics of conveyor belts with a temperature of the transported cargo of more than 250C in terms of increasing the service life and temperature of the transported cargo, we continue to develop a line of products with increased heat resistance.

Rubex Group specialists have developed and launched into production a unique product – an innovative T-4 conveyor belt with a moving load temperature of up to 400 ° C.

Employees of our laboratory have carried out extensive work to create a new rubber compound that has increased heat-resistant characteristics (there are currently no analogues in the world).

As a result, the use of an innovative T-4 rubber compound of our own production and high-strength fabrics made it possible to manufacture a product with the characteristics necessary to work in the most extreme operating conditions when transporting hot materials.

Our Rubex Plasma T-4 conveyor belt is designed for transportation of highly abrasive, abrasive, low-abrasive and non-abrasive materials with a moving load temperature of up to 400C and for a short time up to 700C on belt conveyors with a conveyor tilt angle from -160C to + 180C and an ambient temperature from -250C to + 600C.

The range of innovative belts is tailored to the individual technical requirements of our customers: strength from 800 to 2400 N / mm with a number of spacers from 4 to 6.