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Start of a new production line at OJSC SZRT


September 15 at OJSC SZRT a new Italian line for the processing of rubber waste was opened.

The purchased equipment is intended for processing rubber waste into rubber crumb of various fractions. The equipment was installed at the operating production site, instead of the outdated and outdated line.

The goal of this project is to reduce waste disposal costs, reduce energy costs and expand the use of crumb rubber. The payback period for this project will be less than two years and will minimize the company’s impact on the environment.

As the managing director of OJSC NWRT, Mikhail Vladimirovich Khrenov, said, the problem of using rubber waste in production was and remains very urgent for all enterprises of the rubber industry in Russia. This, according to him, makes production workers look for effective ways to positively solve important environmental and economic problems. For example, the share of waste generated in the production of tires and rubber-fabric products still reaches 6-10 percent in the country as a whole, and even 40 percent in the production of molded rubber goods (about 8 million tons in the production of rubber-fabric products and about 1.2 million tons). tons in tire production)

At OJSC NWRT, with an annual output of about 20.5 thousand tons of rubber products, 1.4 thousand tons of raw materials and materials pass into technological losses, which is approximately 6.4 percent of the total volume used at the enterprise.

The possibilities of old equipment for recycling rubber goods have been extremely limited until now. One of the main disadvantages was the emission of harmful substances into the environment, the need for preliminary sorting and shredding of waste, low energy and economic efficiency, and low quality of the resulting processed products. Now the enterprise has a promising direction for processing rubber waste, which allows not only to solve the problem of their destruction, but also to obtain valuable raw materials and energy resources. After all, the raw material component in the production of rubber goods is up to 60% of the cost of the final product, so the recycling of waste can significantly reduce the cost of products without losing quality.

One of the advantages of the new equipment is that it became possible to obtain crumb not only from rubber waste. It can process into returnable raw materials and composite products based on rubber, threads, fabrics and steel wire – for example, sleeves, rubber-fabric plates, conveyor belts. The product obtained from them will be used as a component of rubber compounds used for the manufacture of technical plates, molded products, and the smallest fractions will also be in demand for the manufacture of individual elements of the sleeves.

The capacity of the new line is designed for monthly processing of up to 200 tons of waste. This is much more than is required for the enterprise itself, therefore there is an opportunity to help the Republic of Mordovia in the disposal of used automobile tires in the amount of up to 2.5 thousand tons per year.