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«Efficient production 4.0»


On November 16 in «Skolkovo» TOP-managers of RG took part in the second industrial conference «Efficient production 4.0», dedicated to actual issues of production efficiency increase.

Our speakers made reports on their experience and first results of their work in the section “Where is the key to efficiency?” and Digital Manufacturing Practices.

In 2017 at the production sites of RubEx Group the unique fir rubber industry MDC (Machine Data Collection) system was implemented, allowing to make the existing production digital without significant investments, and, as a result, to make it more transparent and efficient, decreasing downtime for equipment repairs and more.

The project implementation process is multi-stage. At the first stage, a list of equipment was determined for connecting it to the system as part of a pilot project. For this, 12 production complexes were selected and the completeness of the hardware of the automated system for each unit was determined. Further, the physical connection and installation of hardware and software was planned and then implemented, the necessary settings were made.

The information received is accumulated and analyzed. Any analytics can be displayed in reports, sent by e-mail. For example, now, on a daily basis, a group of enterprise managers receives a report on the operation of the equipment for the last day for all complexes connected to the system.

Being at the initial stage of the implementation of this project, we can already make management decisions based on the results of analyzing a large amount of data from production systems of various levels. This improves product quality and improves the efficiency of processes and equipment maintenance.

Production becomes transparent, the human factor is minimized, the system itself begins to control the process according to a certain algorithm embedded in it, which, in turn, can be adjusted, depending on the situation and needs.

A unique project has been launched, is moving forward dynamically, and it remains only to state the fact that the fourth industrial revolution has begun in RubEx Group!