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Hoses for aircraft fuel pumping


Aviation fuel supply exists as much as aviation. Continuous improvement of aircrafts and refueling complexes sets new requirements for the kit parts.

In the modern aircrafts the mass of jet fuel filled by weight is up to 70% of the maximum take-off weight. Such huge amounts of fuel require uninterrupted operation of components and assemblies of refueling complexes for the exploitation in different climatic zones of the Russian Federation.

Rubex Group holding was the first among domestic manufacturers to offer quality solution for hoses in the sphere of jet fuel pumping. To achieve this we have developed  special hoses that provide high carrying capacity, low wear in contact with aviation fuel and uninterrupted operation under extreme temperature conditions: from minus 550С to plus 600С.

Furthermore we have included in the design of a hose copper strands for grounding, and a specially developed rubber compound provided antistatic properties to protect against static electricity.

Today we are producing the hoses with diameter 25, 32, 38 and 50 mm with a pressure from 4 to 6 bar.

Our customers are more than 400 enterprises in Russia and CIS countries, including Voronezhavia Airline, Polet Airline, Aviation Plant Aviacor, Gazprom-Avia Airline and many other operating companies and refueling enterprises.