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Cut-resistant belts Rubex Armor


Transportation of large and sharp lumps on the stage of mining, crushing and grinding of materials and ores is one of the most extreme operating conditions, that can lead to fast wear and tear of the conveyor belt, and probablility of longitudinal cuts and breaks through as well.

Rubex Group R&D Center has developed the unique recipe of rubber compound on the basis of isoprene rubber, having excellent resistance to tears, cuts, high tensile strength and elasticity with the addition of enhancing carbon black with high structure, which helps to increase the strength characteristics of rubber products.

The use of this compound in the working covers of the Rubex Armor belt allowed us to increase the indicators:

  • CUT RESISTANCE (resistance of the rubber cover to the effects of cuts and tears of the sharp edges of the transported material) up to 38%*
  • STRENGTH OF THE RUBBER SURFACE (resistance of the rubber lining to impact loads) up to 40%


Rubex Armor belts are available in widths from 500 to 2000 mm and tensile strengths from 600 to 5000 N / mm.

You can download the leaflet on the Rubex Armor belt on our website in the Media / Advertising materials section.

* in comparison with serial rubber X and W