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Conditional elongation of conveyor belt


On the Rubex Group website, a survey of consumers was carried out on the quality of our conveyor belts.

The result of the survey showed that 10% of customers are not satisfied with the “relative belt elongation” (stretching) parameter.

In this regard, the specialists of Rubex Group gave their comments on the possible reasons for such complaints.

Note that the parameter of conveyor belts produced by JSC Kurskrezinotekhnika “relative elongation of the belt at a load of 10% of the nominal strength” corresponds to GOST and TU standards and has different values ​​depending on the type of fabric.

Excessive stretching can be caused by incorrect selection of conveyor belts. Thus, the most frequently ordered tape is made on fabric with a warp and a weft of polyamide threads (TC). But the technical characteristics of such fabrics in terms of “elongation” are inferior to other types, for example, fabrics in the manufacture of which a polyester thread is used, such as polyester-polyamide fabric TLK, EP and polyester fabric TL.

Indicators for various types of fabrics are shown in the table:

Elongation of the tape at a load of 10% of the nominal strength,% no more

For tapes made of polyamide fabrics (TC) 2.5 2.5
For tapes made of polyester-polyamide fabrics (TLK) 2.0 2.0
For tapes made of polyester-polyamide fabrics (EP) – 1.5
For tapes based on polyester fabrics (TL) – 2.0

In this regard, we strongly recommend all our consumers to consult with the specialists of the commercial and technical services of our enterprise before ordering a conveyor belt. This will allow you to choose the right product for the individual characteristics of your conveyor and specific operating conditions.

In addition, JSC “Kurskrezinotekhnika” has a service department that can assist in the selection of conveyor belts directly at your enterprise (inspection of the conveyor, recommendations on the type and design of the conveyor belt).

We also draw your attention to the fact that in the previously published press release (dated 06.02.2015) we talked about the successful completion of operational tests of a conveyor belt with a new technical fabric TL according to TU.

Operational tests were carried out at the Saratov Building Materials Plant (CJSC SZSM) from 12.02.2013. until 12.12.2014 The results showed that the lengthening of the conveyor belt was no more than 0.5%, which made it possible to avoid equipment downtime associated with redoing and tensioning of the belt.

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