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New hoses line RUBEX PROFI


At the production site of OJSC Kurskrezinotekhnika, the production of industrial hoses of the RUBEX PROFI series of increased wear resistance for sandblasting, shot blasting and plaster supply – RUBEX PROFI 12 and RUBEX PROFI 40 – has begun.

Our company has carried out a large-scale market research in the field of the use of industrial hoses in construction. It turned out that many consumers would like to receive a product that, in terms of its performance characteristics, exceeds existing analogues, including imported ones. This need is due to the increasing demands for quality, reliability and product lifespan.

In the laboratory of OJSC “Kurskrezinotekhnika” our technologists have developed and tested more than 25 formulations of rubber compounds. The result of this work was the ability to produce industrial hoses with unique wear-resistant characteristics required for work in the most extreme operating conditions.

Compared to serial hoses:

  • growth of abrasion-resistance indicators of the tube by 2 times
  • increase in tightness indicators (for RUBEX PROFI 40) by 30%
  • reduction of bending radius (for RUBEX PROFI 12) by 30%
  • increase in working pressure (for RUBEX PROFI 12) by 50%
  • ESD protection

RUBEX PROFI 12 hoses of increased wear resistance are designed for sandblasting and shot blasting, for cleaning with quartz sand, steel shot, corundum and other materials used for cleaning. They are produced with an inner diameter of 13 to 42 mm and a working pressure of 12 bar. The sleeve has improved performance compared to the international standard EN ISO 3861: 2005.

RUBEX PROFI 40 hoses of increased wear resistance are designed for plastering machines, stations and units, for transporting and applying plaster solutions to the surface, for supplying mortar, gypsum and cement. Available with inner diameters from 25 to 65 mm and working pressure of 40 bar.

Products of the RUBEX PROFI series are efficient at temperatures from -350C to + 800C, which allows their use in any climatic zone.

Detailed information can be obtained on the website in the section Product solutions or from our managers. A brochure with an extended description of the technical characteristics can be downloaded from the website or by clicking on the link.

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