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Oil- and heat-resistant conveyor belt


Many enterprises of checmical, steel and and other industries come across the problem of transportation of materials containing vegetable and mineral oils, pitches and lubrications of high temperature (up to 1500С) during their technological processes.

The oil-resistant belt of domestic manufacturers existing before 2000 did not satisfy such operating conditions in terms of heat resistance. Under the influence of an aggressive environment and temperature influences, swelling and cracking of the rubber covers of the tape occurred. She quickly lost her performance and required frequent replacement or repairs.

Having studied the problems of consumers, the specialists of the Rubex Group, together with the leading enterprises of the chemical industry, came up with an initiative to develop a special tape that simultaneously combines two operational parameters: resistance to oil and high temperatures.

The Rubex Group laboratory has tested more than 200 rubber compounds based on special-purpose rubbers to create a belt with specified technical parameters. As a result, Rubex Group Holding was the first in Russia to manufacture a conveyor belt with the aggregate required characteristics in terms of oil and heat resistance. Prototypes were tested at critical redistributions at fertilizer manufacturers and metallurgical enterprises and received positive feedback.

For more than 15 years, for the needs of our customers, we have been producing a wide range of oil and heat resistant conveyor belts of two types:

MCT1 – resistant to oils and high temperatures up to 1000C
MCT2 – resistant to oils and high temperatures up to 1500C

At the request of consumers, we manufacture tape on modern high-strength fabrics of Russian and foreign production (TK-200, EP-200, TLK-315, EP-315, etc.), providing tensile strength along the warp from 800 to 1800 N / mm and more under the specific operating conditions of our consumers.

The quality of the products is confirmed by cooperation with the largest representatives of the chemical and metallurgical industry in Russia: Ammophos, PhosAgro Cherepovets, Uralkali, Belaruskali, NLMK.