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Conveyor belts Rubex ArmoredCore


Rubex Group has started the production of new conveyor belts with metal breaker.

Conveyor belts Rubex ArmoredCore  [Rubex AC] are developed for the most extreme operating conditions.

Metal breaker belts covers provides outstanding resistance to impact loads, allowing better absorption of impact energy and even distribution of it over the entire width of the belt, especially when loading and transporting large pieces of cargo with sharp edges, as well as protect the belt frame from mechanical damage, minimizing the possibility of longitudinal cuts and breakouts.

Major advantages of enhanced carcass belts:

– High resistance to mechanical damage, increased resistance to repeated impacts of acute-angled pieces of material;

– Ability to absorb the impact energy in the place of material loading with maintaing carcass integrity;

– Weft strength is up to 4 times higher comparing to belt with fabric breaker;

– Minimizing the possibility of longitudinal cuts and breakouts;

Product line:

  • abrasion- and cut-resistant;
  • – heat-resistant;
  • – Fire-retardant;
  • Colda-resistant;
  • – Oil-resistant;

Area of application:

•             Coal industry

•             Mining

•             Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy

•             Cement production

•             Grain materials transportation

•             Docking orepations

•            Salt production

•            Power plants

Detailed information can be obtained from our managers or you can find it on the Rubex Group website by the link