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Integrated management system


In 2013, a comprehensive audit of the Integrated Management System was carried out at OJSC Kurskrezinotekhnika.

In the period from June 19 to June 20 of this year, experts of Russian Register – Baltic Inspectorate (RR-Bi) at our enterprise carried out a comprehensive audit of the Integrated Management System, which consisted of a certification audit of the Environmental Management System (EMS) – due to the expiration of the term validity of the certificate of conformity – and the inspection audit of the Quality Management System (QMS).

The purpose of the audit is to confirm the compliance of the QMS and EMS of JSC Kurskrezinotekhnika with the requirements of international standards.

External audit covered more than 50% of the subdivisions of the Integrated Management System (QMS and EMS).

The specialists of the Russian Register noted the high level of professionalism of the company’s employees, performing discipline, knowledge and performance of their functions and the requirements of regulatory documents (enterprise standards, instructions, etc.).

The check was deeply analytical. Not only knowledge and compliance with the requirements of guidelines were assessed, but also the ability to conduct analysis, make decisions, and set goals for the future. It is this approach in work that is required by the international standards ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004, that is, the application of the “Plan – Do – Analyze – Improve” method. This principle can be used at any workplace and in any kind of activity. Thanks to this approach, it is possible to develop an enterprise and achieve sustainable success.

At the final meeting, the specialists of Russian Register – Baltic Inspection LLC confirmed that the Integrated Management System of our enterprise is effective. Kurskrezinotekhnika OJSC was issued a new Certificate of Environmental Management System Compliance with ISO 14001 requirements, which expires on October 1, 2016.

The certificate for the Environmental Management System demonstrates to consumers that the activities of the enterprise aimed at minimizing the harmful impact on the environment meet the established requirements (MS ISO 14001-2004) and are officially recognized.