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Energy-intensive mooring fenders


Over many years the asset of Rubex Group holding, Kurskrezinotekhnika, manufactures products for sea and river fleet, including mooring fenders, designated for mooring to the piers and wharfs.

Today the general trend of fleet development is increasing of vessels and ports carrying capacity. This causes a significant influence on the choice of mooring facilities equipment.

With the increasing demands of the quality characteristics of these products, we carried out a large-scale market research concerning mooring fenders devices. The results showed that Kurskrezinotekhnika manufactures products with optimal performance characteristics and productivity. Moreover, energy efficiency – one of the most important parameters – of our fenders is up to 4 times higher than the products of famous brands.

The advantages of Rubex Group mooring fenders:

  • simplicity in installation and dismantlement that allows to utilize fenders again in the docks;
  • casting method of pipes production, unlike the method of rubber stripes wrapping used by other manufacturers, guarantees no layering of pipes under the operation load;
  • the actual lifetime of the bumpers is not less than 10 years, in case of technical specifications’ requirements following;
  • deformation energy is 55 kJ (imported analogues with the same geometry parameters provide only 13,1 kJ).

Our mooring fenders are operated in the main ports of Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania.