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Energy-intensive products for the fleet


Energy-intensive fenders Rubex Group

For many years, Kurskrezinotekhnika, an asset of the Rubex Group holding, has been producing products for the sea and river fleets, including fenders for mooring ships to a pier or berth.

Today, the general trend in the development of the fleet is to increase the carrying capacity of ships and ports. This has a significant impact on the choice of equipment for berthing facilities.

Due to the increasing requirements for the quality characteristics of such products, the Marketing Directorate has carried out a large-scale study of the market for fenders. The results showed that Kurskrezinotekhnika produces products with optimal performance and productivity. Moreover, in terms of energy efficiency – one of the most important parameters – our bumpers are 4 times superior to the products of well-known world brands (Germany).

Advantages of fenders manufactured by Rubex Group:

ease of assembly and disassembly, which allows you to reuse fenders at berths;
the injection molding method for the manufacture of pipes, in contrast to the method of winding rubber strips used by a number of enterprises, guarantees the exclusion of pipe delamination under the influence of working loads;
the actual service life of pipes is at least 10 years, subject to compliance with the requirements of technical conditions;
the deformation energy is 55 KJ (imported analogs with the same geometric parameters provide only 13.1 KJ).
Outer diameter, mm Inner diameter, mm Length, mm Level of absorbed energy, kJ
400 200 2000 55
300 200 2000 22