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Antistatic conveyor belt


Enterprises with the presence of flammable liquids, combustible gases and dusty solid materials – chemical enterprises, workshops for the preparation and transportation of coal dust, wood flour, powdered sugar, potting and separate sections of mills and sawmills, woodworking, joinery, timber and other industries – have a high fire hazard.

Such enterprises have high requirements to fire-safety including rubber products being in operation at them.

Taking into account the requirements of consumers, Rubex Group for the first time in Russia has developed a special antistatic conveyor belt. This product dissipates static electricity, thereby ensuring non-sparking during operation and fire safety in areas using an anti-static conveyor belt.

A wide standard size range allows us to use our product for a variety of working conditions for specific customer requirements. Antistatic conveyor belt for transporting materials in industrial installations operating in explosive and fire hazardous industries is produced on BKNL-65-2 fabric with the number of spacers from 3 to 8, which allows varying the belt strength in the range from 165 to 440 N / mm.